Specifications of products of Sika


Specifications of products of Sika

Sika’s products, which technical specifications are mentioned in table, will acquire status in domestic and overseas markets, and are comprised of three groups including façade bricks, floorings, and think bricks which are offered to market with the following properties:


  1. Perforated porcelain and clay panels:

Variety of size and color, style, 100% soundproofing and thermal insulation, earthquake resistant and fireproof, easy installation, environmentally friendly, easy to replace (part by part), resistant to deterioration, self-cleaning, hidden anchor and tie, without any need to sand cement mortar for installation, dry fix method, low water absorption, low risk of cracking in height, anti UV, fair price and movability.


  1. Outdoor floorings:

Variety of color and size, for industrial and residential environments, municipal engineering (road and building), environmentally friendly, hydrophobe, fair price, anti-slip, inducing sense of dedication, high strength, can be used both inside and outside building, color stability, variety and beauty.


  1. Think brick:

Resistant against heat and cold shock, hydrophobe, light and slab, high pressure resistance, variety in size and color, fair price, anti-UV, low water absorption, can be used in different climates, environmentally friendly, natural color stability, fireproof, and variety in beauty.

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