Introduction of Sika Brick Company


Introduction of Sika Brick Company

Sika Brick Company with daily manufacture capacity of 200 MT of different perforated porcelain and façade clay bricks, think bricks, outdoor and landscaping flooring, and modern bricks in different colors, designs, and sizes, is being constructed in Shooshtar, Khuzestan Province, southern Iran in 2017 and its historical background with clay and brick building dates back to thousand years.


This project is one of the largest and most modern clay manufacturers in Iran and Middle East which revolutionize style, urban and rural beautification, sustainable development of urban and rural panorama, furniture, decoration, and urban artifacts.


This company is going to provide 100% energy insulation (soundproofing and thermal insulation), light, beautiful, earthquake resistant, and fireproof products distinguished other than products manufactured by other building materials manufacturers through close cooperation with Italian specialists and hiring manpower and specialists of Iran’s universities and research centers and based on teamwork doctrine and close interaction with science and research centers.


Sika Brick Company has selected its machinery based on latest technology and world class up-to-date technical knowledge and will be able to manufacture and supply daily amount of 5,000 m2 of tiles and wall panels, building flooring and façade, plaque bricks, and other clay products which are used in construction industry for urban managers and planners, housing constructors, civil engineers, architects and municipal engineers (construction industry) in first phase of operation.


Products of this company which are manufactured based on scientific facts toward traditional and modern aesthetic features will revolutionize construction and municipal engineering industry of Iran.


Upon full operation of this manufacturing plant will create job opportunities for more than 100 persons directly and for more than 800 persons indirectly.


Benefitting from modern technology, this company has reduced gas consumption from 130 m3 to 45 m3 (65%) for manufacture of each metric ton of products and this will lead to a drastic decrease in environmental pollution and prevent energy waste in Iran.


Upon benefitting from these products in construction industry:


  1. Electrical energy will decrease 40% (cooling).
  2. Thermal energy consumption (gas) will decrease more than 50% (heating).
  3. Weight of constructed buildings will decrease 30% and will be completely resistant against earthquake.


Application of products of Sika:


  1. Building façade:
  2. External and internal façade, and indoor and outdoor flooring of residential, administrative, and commercial buildings, stores, urban theater halls and amphitheaters, cultural, sport, and educational halls and amphitheaters, hospitals, airports, etc., installation without heavy and traditional building materials (sand and cement mortar).
  3. Indoor façade of building and floorings for swimming pools and special sport venues (anti-skip)


  1. Flooring and wall panels
  2. Wall panels of urban and suburban tunnels (for absorption of sound and light) and providing traffic safety
  3. Wall panels for tunnels and urban and suburban metro and train stations
  4. Sidewalk and footpath floorings, pedestrian streets, parks, and recreational and sports centers
  5. For indoor and outdoor spaces of villas and development of urban and rural thoroughfares
  6. Wall panels for urban and suburban underpass bridges
  7. Protective wall panels of highways and freeways (for absorption of sound and light, traffic safety)
  8. For stairs of residential and commercial suites, etc.
  9. Special thoroughfare floorings for the blind to be used in sidewalks, furniture, decoration, and urban and rural artifacts
  10. For beautification of thoroughfares of greenspace parks, public spaces, and greenspace in slope urban places including margins of urban highways and boulevards, etc.
  11. Reconstructing, restoring, and revitalizing cultural heritages and historical monuments and establishing time and historical relation between traditional and modern architectures, and revitalizing civilization of nations through preservation of buildings, etc.


  1. Application in different climates:
  2. The products of this company are manufactured based on nanotechnology methods which are hydrophobe and self-cleaning and anti-UV.


We manufacture more than 100 beautiful products of soil


Upon increase of world request of construction industry for environmentally-friendly clay, ceramic, and quasi-ceramic products, Sika Brick Company makes its best efforts using all facilities to fulfill manufacturing process from processing to preparation of materials and production of final product (painting, coating, and optimized heat treatment) using most modern manufacturing machinery and observe environmental protection principles and rules, and manufacture beautiful and trusted and satisfying quality products for its customers to meet all of needs of innovative and creative architects, construction industry engineers, mass constructors, housing constructors, urban design and planning managers, municipal engineers, mayors, and decision-maker managers, etc.


Design and layout of production line machinery and equipment of this company have been done based on expertise and engineering methods, and optimized products manufactured by this company based on dry micronized powder manufacturing technology are designed to reduce energy consumption (50% in manufacturing process and about 60% in use) efficiently. This company is committed to act in compliance with environmental protection principles and this is one of manufacture requirements of this company, and all products designed and manufactured by this company are recyclable and optimizable.

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